The convergence of web, mobiles and media creates new opportunities for the application of image processing and human computer interaction technologies for the development of novel products and services. The mission of Innovation Group is to promote technology commercialization in the areas of expertise of the members through:

  • the creation and development of high-tech start-ups
  • licensing of state-of-the-art technologies
  • the establishment of strategic partnerships world-wide

Capitalizing on the scientific know-how and extensive experience in delivering turn key industrial solutions as well as on the proven track record to create sustainable spin-offs of the members of, the Innovation Group provides:

  • virtual incubation infrastructure and services
  • international technology transfer
  • project management and consulting services for the set up of high tech incubators and labs
  • studies for the commercialization of emerging technologies

Towards the goal Innovation Group utilizes the technological, human, methodological and financial resources available in the network and its associated partners. It also applies social media for communication and resource mobilization support within a network of selected researchers, consultants and investors.

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