Positions Available

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

GraphicsMedia.net GmbH is an international non-profit organization with several prominent members from Germany (DFKI, HPI, Fraunhofer HHI), Spain (Vicomtech), France, (CEA-LIST), Italy (Graphitech), Portugal (CCG) and Panama (Mivtech), and growing. It has the mission to coordinate the future visions, activities and projects of Applied Research, Development and Innovation in Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia Technologies, and Visual Interactive Digital Media Technologies; as well as to explore new ways to foster the technology transfer and exploitation in these fields. This network is ready to take the next step in its consolidation as a successful multinational applied research network, and is looking for a General Director (CEO).

The CEO will be in charge of working closely with the Supervisory Board, co-defining and fulfilling the strategy and the business plan of the network: generating common visions, exploring R&D opportunities, coordinating international project strategies, fostering academic collaboration, representing the network towards relevant stakeholders, contacting potential new partners, and in general shaping the Network to be a well recognized successful international organization.

The candidate requirements are:

  • Strong technological background IT fields (especially related with Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Digital Media) will be highly valued.
  • Proven management skills in applied R&D contexts, with a clear entrepreneurial spirit, success oriented. GraphicsMedia.net evolution and consolidation must be his/her project for professional development.
  • Proven orientation to international activities of R&D (availability to travel, to interact with EU and international stakeholders, etc.). Direct hands-on knowledge of international (and in particular European) R&D institutions and mechanisms will be highly considered.
  • Conditions: The job will be for limited duration, and could be assumed as a part-time or even a full-time position, but it has very good perspectives for a long-term position in an excellent international platform. The initial salary will consist of a fixed amount (35.000 EUR/year gross salary) associated with important results-based variable remuneration.
  • Location: The position is open to different location possibilities, especially close to one of the European members of the network (in Germany -Kaiserlsautern (headquarters), Frankfurt or Berlin, Spain –San Sebastian, Italy –Trento, Portugal –Guimaraes- or France -Paris region).
  • Excellent level of English is a requisite. As headquarters of GraphicsMedia.net are located in Germany, German would be also highly recommended. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or French desirable.
  • Start date: 1st May, 2016.

Interested candidates should send their CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .