participated in ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe

ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe was held in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event focused on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It presented an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age. was represented by its Managing Director, Jürgen Bund. as a true networking organization, our focus was laid on the many contacts that an event like ICT 2018 facilitates. Consequently, a plethora of meetings were scheduled in advance, and some ad-hoc during the event. In total, Jürgen Bund held over 20 meetings, with representatives both from the scientific community as well as from companies. As a result, possible memberships were discussed with three renowned European R&D institutes. 6 companies expressed their serious interest in joining's upcoming Business Cluster (more information on this will follow soon, so stay tuned). Another significant result of the event was the establishment and initial discussion of a new project idea between, our member CEA-LIST and the University of Twente, settled in the domains of robotics and mechatronics.

CCG Celebrated the First 25 Years

Our member CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 22nd and 23rd, at its facilities in the Azurém Campus of the University of Minho (UMinho), in Guimarães, with a series of varied initiatives.

To mark a successful start in 1993 in favor of Research and Technological Development, CCG brought together an entire ecosystem of technological innovation, to share knowledge and experiences.

The highlight of the festivities occured on the 22nd Technology Days, with the discussion of several highlighted technological topics, and the presentation of CCG technologies by senior researchers, including the future vision for CCG for the coming 7 years. These presentations can be looked up in CCG's Facebook page.

On the 23rd, an Open Day was held, with the opening of CCG laboratories and projects to the community, which allowed visitors to get a closer look at its facilities.

In the afternoon there was a panel discussion on Technology Transfer (University – Company) and the role of the TIC (Technological Interface Centers), attended by representatives of TIC, Universities and National and International Industrial Associations. In this panel, the President of our Supervisory Board, Dr. Jorge Posada, presented his experience and expertise, both at and at our member Vicomtech.

To close the celebrations, a solemn session was held, which included the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education – Prof. Manuel Heitor, the Rector of the University of Minho, Prof. Rui Vieira de Castro, the Mayor of Guimarães, Dr. Domingos Bragança, and Prof. José Luis Encarnação, CCG's visionary and founder, along with a host of other personalities that had and have a close relationship with CCG along the last 25 years.

More information, including a photo gallery of the event, at</p participated in China Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 representatives Prof. Didier Stricker (DFKI; member of the Supervisory Board) and Jürgen Bund (Managing Director) participated in the China Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 (CGAIC 2018) which took place on November 15 in Zhuhai and on November 16 at Wuyi Uninversity in Jiangmen, China. Our member DFKI was further represented by its CFO, Dr. Walther Olthoff. Vicomtech also participated in the conference, represented by its Director of Institutional Development and Promotion, Maria Teresa Linaza.

On the first day, in the plenary session in the morning, Prof. Stricker presented current and future research activities carried out at DFKI and within the network, while Jürgen Bund gave an overall presentation of and its members, to an audience of well over 600 attendees. The President and founder of our member CGAII, Prof. Cuy Yan, presented the research activities of the institute which is based on a very close cooperation with German DFKI. In the afternoon, all representatives had an active participation in thematic sessions organized around the topic of Digital Cultural Heritage.

World Usability Day 2018 at CCG

At November 8th, the Domain of Applied Research of Perception, Interaction and Usability at our member institute CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica, continues to bring together usability professionals, academics and the curious to simply gather and talk about products and services having the human user as central focus. This year, we will be talking about “Designing for Good or Evil?” with professionals from several application areas.

Ever since 2005, organizers create a single day of events occurring around the world that brings together communities of professional, industrial, educational, citizen, and government groups for our common objective: to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

It is about celebration and education – celebrating the strides we have made in creating usable products and educating the masses about how usability impacts our daily lives. It is about making our world work better.

It is about reaching out to the common citizen and spreading the message: We don’t have to put up with products and services that don’t work well and that human error is a misnomer.

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