participated in China Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 representatives Prof. Didier Stricker (DFKI; member of the Supervisory Board) and Jürgen Bund (Managing Director) participated in the China Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 (CGAIC 2018) which took place on November 15 in Zhuhai and on November 16 at Wuyi Uninversity in Jiangmen, China. Our member DFKI was further represented by its CFO, Dr. Walther Olthoff. Vicomtech also participated in the conference, represented by its Director of Institutional Development and Promotion, Maria Teresa Linaza.

On the first day, in the plenary session in the morning, Prof. Stricker presented current and future research activities carried out at DFKI and within the network, while Jürgen Bund gave an overall presentation of and its members, to an audience of well over 600 attendees. The President and founder of our member CGAII, Prof. Cuy Yan, presented the research activities of the institute which is based on a very close cooperation with German DFKI. In the afternoon, all representatives had an active participation in thematic sessions organized around the topic of Digital Cultural Heritage.

On the second day, the same presentations were given to a mixed audience of approx. 100 people composed academics, scientists, students and company representatives at Wuyi University, in an afternoon session that was presided by the university's Chancellor, Prof. Zhang Kun. Due to the smaller size of the audience, the presentations were followed by an intense period of interesting Q&A's.