COGNITO: Cognitive Workflow Capturing

Problem statement – market
  • The capture and rendering of what happens in a real-world factory, in terms of human motion and activities, is a critical factor for improvement of the efficiency and reduction of production costs. The market need is to have systems for captring tha knowledge and to to animate, reproduce and analyze the motion in factory.
Scientific challenges & contributions
  • Develop an on-body sensor network of inertial and visual sensors.
  • Infer osteo-articular biomechanical models of the body.
  • Capture user activity based on on-body cameras & inertial sensors.
  • Model and monitor the task space based on video data
  • Analyse user activity (ergonomic and musculoskeletal).
  • Learn, analyse and monitor workflows.
  • Assist workflow execution through a context-sensitive user interface
Framework for project
  • Partial Co-Financing by the European Union Framework Program and specialized European Companies