DESIREE: improvement of the research and treatment for breast cancer

Desiree Project, an international cutting-edge initiative for the improvement of the research and treatment for breast cancer, has started the next phase with meetings in Valencia, where two of the participants of the work groups come from: ERESA and Sistemas Genómicos. Both entities were hosts for this new consortium-meeting, formed by hospitals, universities and research centres of five countries. member Vicomtech is the coordinator for this project, and Fundacion Onkologikoa is a participant of it.

The aim of this project, that entered its second development year, is to supply specialists with a fast and intuitive system for medical decision support in the treatment of breast cancer. This system will implement a specific computing platform that will formalize knowledge of the main clinical guides, create new content form previously gathered data, and interrelate a patient’s data with previously stored cases. Once this is done, collected data-sets will be processed and presented by the system per pre-established clinical criteria, which brings doctors a holistic view of the possible treatments and actuation lines for each patient.

More information is available at the project web site.